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Home Elevators – What to Consider

The Schindler elevator is one of the major choices for homeowners who are considering the installation of a residential elevator. Actually, the Schindler company started with residential and commercial elevators before going into the design and manufacture of equipment for high-rise buildings, and therefore, they have substantial experience in the design and production of the personal elevator. For the US, the Schindler elevator comes in three varieties, namely: the Schindler 500A Traction Elevator Systems, the Schindler 400A Traction Elevator System, and the Schindler 330 Hydraulic Elevator System.

The Schindler 330A is usually مصاعد كهربائية available as a holeless hydraulic elevator, which is suitable for low-rise residential buildings and offers the benefit of being friendly to the environment and to your budget because it does not require the drilling of a jackhole. However, this particular model of the Schindler elevator is also available for standard borehole designs for buildings with higher capacities and rises.

The possible configurations of the Schindler 330A include two to six stops, a maximum height of 48 feet, fixtures that are mounted on the jamb for ease of installation, remote monitoring, front opening doors, side opening doors, and rear opening doors. Some of the benefits of this elevator by the Schindler corporation include complete flexibility, wide range of applications, customer support, ISO certification, ADA compliance, quiet performance and reliable operation.

The Schindler 400A is designed for residential buildings that can have as many as 20 floors. The design of this traction elevator system is such that its footprint is minimized to optimize the use of building space. The benefits of this model is the capacity to travel up to a maximum distance of 200 feet, speeds of 200 feet per minute or 350 per minute, gearless machines, remote monitoring, variable frequency drives, and capacities ranging from 2,100 to 3,500 pounds. The Schindler 500A is designed for middle to high rise residential buildings. It is available with geared or gearless drives, remote monitoring, and shell cabs that allow customization.

For residential homes, the obvious choice is the Schindler 330A with its holeless configuration. For houses with several floors, the residential elevator is a requirement for households with members who are elderly or are physically disabled. Not being limited to the ground floor is a very important feature for these two groups of people. And for couples, the house design can either immediately include the installation of an elevator or have a provision for its installation in the future. With residential lots becoming more and more expensive, a more cost effective alternative is to construct a multi-level home instead of a house with a single floor.

The Schindler elevator, which is produced by a company with a tract record in this particular field, is one of the most reliable products available in the market. Homeowners or those who are planning to build their dream homes may want to consider this particular product if they are considering the installation of an elevator for improving mobility for the residents and market value for the property.